Drywall access doors made from GFRG or GFRC specifically for an easy and beautiful installation. Simple taping into gypsum board on both walls and ceilings. 

Phantom GFRG (GRG) Access Panels

Paint Ready Surface

The face of the panel comes filled and sanded - ready to receive a finish. No extra mudding/taping required. 

100's of Options/Sizes Available

Sizes available from 6" to 120", custom available. Other options include moisture resistance,gasket sealing, lock options.

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Made in the USA

Manufactured in California by the oldest running plaster shop in America.

Full Width Embedments

The perimeter of the panel contains full width embedments to receive screws without fracturing or cracking the frame.

Free Standard Shipping​

Free UPS ground shipping included when spending $180 or more. 0-5 day standard lead time, overnight shipping available.

Quality Materials

Made of the highest quality rock-hard plaster - no deterioration from multiple sandings.

Made for 5/8" Sheetrock

Panels made to mount flush with 5/8" gypsum board, reducing installation time.

Precision Made Molds

No matter which way you put the panel back into the opening, it will always fit. Consistent CNC accuracy within .005in.

Customer Service

Agents available to help with ordering, shipping, and support.


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Lift and Shift

Gravity fit panels


Concealed hinge panels

From the original four size offerings, UP now provides hundreds of sizes of GFRG access panels from 6" to 120". All UP panels are made and calibrated for 5/8" sheetrock. Our door panels are computer programmed to match the frames so that every panel fits in every orientation with even gaps on all sides, every time. UP frames include a wooden embellishment so bugle head screws, or torque, do not fracture or crack the frames. Every access panel and frame is shipped ready to be taped and painted.

Hinged Panels

Latch Options

Our hinged GFRG panels come with various latch options. All lock options are available for wall applications, magnetic "touch-latch" locks are limited in panel size for ceiling installations.

Additional Options:

  1. Standard lock

  2. Recessed Lock with Lock Cap

  3. Phantom Latch (Touch-Release)


Lift & Shift Access Panels

Hinged Access Panels

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Easy Installation


  1. Mount GFRG Access Panel Frame to studs with #6 drywall screws

  2. Install surrounding drywall

  3. Tape joints, fill and sand smooth

  4. Apply desired finish


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