Complete Systems for Commercial Construction

UP Ceilings partners with Accént Ceilings and Walls to develop custom metal ceiling systems for commercial construction. Custom projects often demand the innovation of new suspension methods, finishes, or unique processes to achieve the desired intent. UP Ceilings works with the design team to develop a manufacturable and commercially viable system that's efficient to install and within budget. Accent provides all of the engineering, brake forming, and fabrication of the ceiling system.


Accent Ceilings and Walls has established itself as an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of custom architectural metal ceiling and wall systems. As a division of the Adams Campbell Company (est. 1909), they have embraced over 100 years of precision metal fabrication abilities and established themselves as one of the largest independent precision custom metal fabrication companies in California and nationwide.

The structure of expanded metal aides the disruption of sound waves, deadening noise and reducing echo. This practical feature of the material, in conjunction with its already proven architectural features make it perfect for decorative ceiling tiles. The open area of mesh also allows sprinkler systems to work effectively whilst hiding the unsightly sprinklers. Perforated metal has become a staple material in the design of many modern ceilings. Due to its highly custom nature, this material allows for effortless creation of new designs. 

Benefits of Metal Ceilings:

Strength: Metal panels are stronger and less prone to cracks and breaks than traditional ceiling materials while still offering easy access to the ceiling void. Items in the ceiling void often need regular maintenance and occasional repair. Being able to access this area without fear of breaking ceiling tiles by opening them is a big advantage of metal. Metal ceilings are also moisture resistant which mitigates staining and crumbling from leaks.

Acoustics: Thinking of metal as a sound insulator and muffler may seem counter-intuitive. But metal ceilings are available that help absorb or redirect sound, preventing a room from becoming an echo chamber. Acoustic tiles with fleece or mineral wool inlays absorb sound and provide clarity to speech that may not be found in traditional materials. Ceilings with heavy inlays also attenuate sound from adjoining areas. Project requirements are evaluated on a case-by-case basis, depending on the purpose of the building, its physical shape, and the type of construction required. Being equipped with perforations and acoustic inlays, UP Ceilings' Systems are the perfect solution for acoustic improvement .

Appearance: Metal ceilings are available in a wide variety of styles, textures, and finishes. Metal can be coated with any color you like and can be made to resemble anything from antique tin roof squares to a soft smooth finish in your signature colors. One way to use this type of material is to cover an ugly plaster ceiling. If you don’t wish to paint, metal comes in many attractive colors and finishes of its own: steel, brass, copper, aluminum, and chrome all differ in sheen and tint. They can be bare metal, powder coated, brushed, or polished. Metal ceiling materials also come in different shapes to provide a different aesthetic. A different look can be created by designing the underlying supports in curving structures or by creating differing heights. Metal ceilings are every bit as cost effective and flexible of design as metal used in exterior buildings finishes. Why lose all the advantages of metal by putting in a ceiling that requires more maintenance, is less fire resistant, and more costly to repair?

Fire Protection: Buildings are increasing in both size and complexity, and so fire protection is of utmost importance today. Due to the high damage potential of fire, to life and health, as well as to valuable property, taking the right precautions is vital to ensuring your space is protected. Preventative fire protection has long been a priority of Up Ceilings and Walls and our metal products with their Class A fire resistance grade work towards that goal.

Corrosion Protection: Corrosion protection refers to measures to avoid damages on metallic components caused by corrosion. Depending on the requirement and the application area, UP Ceilings can be suitable solutions with proven corrosion protection classes, ensuring optimum protection.

Impact Resistance/Wind Loads/Seismic Safety: All metal products are designed and tested to ensure they can take whatever is thrown at them. Our systems are built to withstand large impacts, strong winds, and earthquakes. 

Environmental Sustainability: Metal can be indefinitely recycled and reused making it an incredibly green building material.

Finishes and Surfaces

Stainless Steel: Alloy of iron and carbon that is more resistant to rust, staining, and corrosion than regular steel. Ready for anything that can be thrown at it with a modern silver finish.

Aluminum: Three times lighter than iron, almost as strong as steel, and incredibly easy to form into complex shapes.

Anodized Aluminum: The anodizing process makes this material unable to chip, flake, or peel and become completely impervious to weathering processes. 

PVD Steel: Produced through the process of Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD), which improves the performance of stainless steel by increasing wear, scratch, and corrosion resistance. 

Printed: Given a unique texture of your choosing to bring extra depth to a ceiling or wall.

Wood Veneer: A thin layer of wood is applied across the metal panels. This gives the aesthetic of wood with the strength of metal.

Copper: Greatly resistant to corrosion while offering a unique color finish.

Zinc: Zinc is an environmentally-friendly material due to its incredible longevity, as it ages the surface of the material renews and heals itself, meaning it also requires no maintenance.

Bronze: Alloy composed of copper and tin that is harder and more resistant to corrosion than iron.

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