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How can I buy custom access panels?

Not all of our stocked molds are online, and our inventory grows frequently. Please fill out a quote request form or send us an email: quote@upceilings.com If we don't have a mold made, we can make one custom for your project. All custom molds subject to a flat mold charge.

What is the lead time of drywall access panels?

Manufacturing Lead Time: Standard sizes (Quick-Ship): 0 Days (ships same day) All other sizes: 1-4 Days Custom size (new mold required): 5-10 Days Shipping Lead Time: Quantities 1-20 (Small Parcel UPS/USPS/FEDEX) Standard: 3-5 Business Days 2-Day: 2 Business Days Overnight: 1 Business Day * Order cutoff time is 12pm noon, or order will be processed by the next business day. Quantities 20+ (Freight/LTL): East Coast: 4-6 Business Days Midwest: 3-5 Business Days West Coast: 1-3 Business Days Note: If a specific delivery date or time is required please let us know in your Order Comments when placing your order.

What does "paint-ready finish" mean?

Paint-Ready refers to the face of the access door being able to recieve paint/primer without additional filling and sanding required. Phantom panel door openings come pre-filled and sanded so there are no holes or bumps that need to be fixed in the field. This greatly reduces installation time, the only mudding required is between the panel frame and the surrounding drywall.

What are drywall access panels made out of?

All Phantom Panels are made out of Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum (also known as Fiberglass reinforced gypsum). This gypsum material can be called GFRG, GRG, or FRG, which are all synonymous. GFRG is a material similar to gypsum, used to make sheetrock / gypsum board. The biggest benefit of GFRG is that it has a high strength/density, is lightweight, and can be easily molded to form complex shapes and sizes. To learn more about GFRG you can click here. Drywall access doors are made from GFRG because it is easily installed into the surrounding sheetrock using compound to mud and tape into place.

How can I save money and get cheap access panels?

1. Phantom Price Promise We're confident we have the best prices available. If you find an identical product by Wind-Lock, Acudor, Karp, Castle, or others - we'll match the price. Must include shipping, special discounting is not included. Click to learn more about the Phantom Price Promise. 2. Quantity Discounts We offer generous bulk discounting and dealer pricing. Discounting starts at orders of 10 panels or more.

Is guaranteed delivery available for access panels?

We offer guaranteed deliver in two ways: 1. Purchase our panel on Amazon via Prime shipping. 2. Purchase a Quick-Ship panel with 2-Day or Overnight shipping. If purchased before 12PM noon it will ship the same day. Feel free to call us to confirm your guaranteed delivery date if purchased on UP Ceilings.com.

What is GFRG?

GFRG stands for Glass-Fiber Reinforced Gypsum. It's also called GRG or FRG. GFRG is a material similar to drywall - gypsum board - but stronger due to the reinforcement of glass fibers. GFRG products are made using molds, which lends itself very well to creating curves, unique shapes, and clean, crisp edges and reveals. It's used often in combination with drywall because it can be taped and sanded just like sheetrock to remove joint lines. For more information, click here.

What is GFRC?

GFRC stands for Glass-Fiber Reinforced Cement. It's also called GRC or FRC. GFRC is a material similar to precast or cement, but reinforced with glass fiber and made using molds. It lends itself well to creating custom shapes and curves, while still maintaining heavy resistance to weather, moisture, and exterior elements like cement. GFRC is primarily used outdoors, where heavy resistance to abuse is required.

What is gasket sealing?

Gasket sealing is applied gasketing (foam/rubber) around the perimeter of the access panel door opening. This 'seals' the plenum space from air & particles passing through.

How do you install drywall access panels?

Installing GFRG drywall access panels is easy and painless.

  1. Mount access panel frame to studs/structure. Phantom panels contain full width embedments to receive screws anywhere, although 1" from the edge (in the center of the frame) is recomended. You can use a 7/16 standard drill bit and countersink a standard drywall screw until you hit the wooden embedment.
  2. Install surrounding drywall.
  3. Tape and fill the joint. All phantom panels come with a tape fin around the outside perimeter to easily fill and tape into the surrounding drywall. Sand and repeat as necessary per finish level required.
  4. Paint. Painting will seamlessly blend the panel into the gypsum board.

Do you offer dealer/distributor discounts?

Yes! If you plan on purchashing 10 or more panels we have special pricing available. Please contact us with your quantities (or projected quantities) and we will provide pricing and details: info@upceilings.com

Who is UP Ceilings?

UP Ceilings started as an idea more than 15 years ago when we discovered that there was a need in the commercial construction marketplace for ceiling systems that don't necessarily "fit the mold." Architects and designers are constantly pushing the boundaries on what can be achieved, however those ideas and renderings ultimately have to translate into manufacturing. UP Ceilings stepped in to fill the void between custom design and traditional manufacturing. By innovating new systems, ideas, and products that combine traditional manufacturing methods/materials we are able to achieve design intent within the price and technical limitations allowed. To learn more, and read about our value proposition, click here.


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