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Hudson Yards Observation Deck

On March 11th, the Edge at Hudson Yards officially opened to the public. Culminating more than 2 years of design work in collaboration with Rockwell Group, UP Ceilings provided perforated metal panels in the Security Room of the entrance on the 4th floor.

The panels were perforated with a custom hole pattern that consisted of 5 different sizes, that were "randomly" arranged based on an image provided by Rockwell Group. Our software converted the image into a hole panel layout that stretched along the 160 foot perimeter. Each panel was a unique perforation pattern - no two are alike.


The finish was a custom blue gradient (ombre) that started at the darkest end and gradually faded into metal on the other side of the room, from 100% opacity to 0%. The blue finish was printed onto the aluminum with a special process that bled the ink around the panel returns. 

Behind the ceiling panels (made from polished aluminum, .090 thick) is a light show that highlights key New York City neighborhoods. The hole pattern and finish on the East elevation run from ceiling to wall, created an immerse space that leaves an impactful first impression of the stunning EDGE experience to follow.



EDGE - Security Room, 4th Floor, Observation Deck

30 Hudson Yards, New York, NY 10001


Anthony Mrkic Architect, Inc


Rockwell Group


FERRA Designs​


Perforated Metal Panels

  • Brake Formed with 1 1/4" returns

  • Custom ombre/gradient print finish

  • Custom perforation pattern generated from image

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